Hello, and welcome to the Trucking Wisely weblog.

My name is Monica Nelson, and I am President and co-owner of McNel Company. We are a small manufacturing facility located in Elmwood, Nebraska. My business partner, Debra McNaught, and I are both truckers’ spouses. Through our husbands we have become aware of the challenges that trucking companies and drivers face. Along with the insight and ingenuity of our guys, we have come up with products that we believe enhance efficiency, safety, and comfort. We will be informing you about the benefits of those products. And since we have lived the trucking life, we know that getting good quality products at economical prices is very important to you, so we make it our commitment to do just that.

Through our and our husbands’ experiences we have also gathered information and insight that is not related to our products. We believe that sharing our beliefs and what works for us will help our fellow trucking company owners and drivers, so we will be doing that also.

Please feel free to comment with your questions, suggestions, and opinions. Our vision is to grow a strong community of like-minded people who help each other and together we can provide each other answers.

Monica Nelson, President