Now that you have your supplies, you can get them organized. You will have three sections to your permit book. Here is how to set up the first two.

Section 1

Place these items in the zipper pocket and insert them at the beginning of the notebook:

  • Company business cards.
  • Information from the company you are leased to.
  • Accident report cards and insurance cards. (If your insurance company does not supply an accident report card, we will be doing a separate blog entry on how to create your own – follow Trucking Wisely to learn more).
  • Emergency medical card.
  • Pen and pencil.

Section 2

Insert the spiral notebook after the zipper pocket.

Use this notebook as a repair log for your truck. Do not use it to record fuel fill-ups. Because of the volume of information required for recording fuel fill-ups, that data should go into a separate log. (Follow Trucking Wisely for more on recording business information essential to your operation.)

Items for recording are repairs you make to the truck, oil changes, tires, and beginning and end-of-the-year mileage. For each recording, write a description along with the date and mileage indication.

You now have the first two sections of your permit book. Our next entry will show you how to set up the final section.

Monica Nelson, President

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